Watching Cats Online Is Actually Good For You, So Here Are 21 Hilarious Clips

This is Lil Bub, adorable Internet cat-sation. How could he help you?

1. This cat is ready for happy hour.

2. Don’t doze off at your desk…let this guy perk you up!

3. Jim, what are your thoughts on this proposal?

4. “Laaa-teee-daaa, who wants their mail?”

5. “Never. Lose. Concentratio– oh well.”

6. A little secrecy is good for office politics, right?

7. “Bleh, monthly reports are the worst!”

8. “Guys, good news: I found the printer paper! Bad news: it is now my nest.”

9. This is what a 3 p.m. slump feels like.

10. “Just popping in to check on that memo.”

11. “Carol, you know I hate when you chew with your mouth open!”

12. Don’t mind her…she’s just blowing off some steam.

13. Make like this girl and attack that inbox!

14. “How do I — where do I — where is that dang conference room?!”

15. “Must. Stay. Hydrated.”

16. “Expense reports? Nah, I’d rather nap.”

17. When someone else gets blamed for your bad idea:

18. “Midday massage? Yes, please.”

19. “That piece of paper was RIGHT here.”

20. A good office buddy is all we really need to do a good job.

21. Until they turn on us, that is.


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