We Love These Beautiful Babies For Their Silly ‘Imperfections’

1. Princess Monster Truck is anything but scary.

2. It’s obvious how this little weirdo, Tuna, captured the hearts of millions.

I mean…come ON. DERP.

3. This little babe sat in the shelter for weeks before her proud dog-mom recognized her true beauty!

4. What a beautiful smile you have!

5. Subtle, yet…oh so charming.

6. It might look like a snarl at first, but it’s really an underbite of affection.

7. “Pop, can I pweassee have more treats?”

8. Of course, we can’t leave our feathered friends out of this!

9. He’s in a permanent state of confusion…but that’s why we love him.

10. “Look over yonder! I spy land. Full speed ahead!”

11. No need for this cool guy to wear a grill…

12. Underbites pair incredibly well with oversized birthday hats!

13. His owner loves to point the laser at the ceiling just to get this profile.

14. He’s trying to sass you, but it’s really just amplifying the cute factor.

15. Meet the spooky king of overbite vampire fangs.

16. He thinks he sees ghosts, but it’s really just his reflection in the mirror.

17. I almost wouldn’t even mind if he spit on me, just because those little teeth are too cute.

18. The fact that he looks like a spooky skeleton makes me love him unconditionally.

19. Those are the most glorious pearly whites I’ve ever seen.

20. “Reporting for duty!”


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