We Might Have Found the Beauty Husband of the Year

Get flowers lately? Maybe a nice Mother’s Day gift? Unfortunately, Alexis Crockett’s husband Kevin, just raised the gift-giving bar for everyone everywhere.

Yesterday, after a 12 hour day in class, Alexis, who is in the middle of switching careers, drove home in tears fearing she was not ready for her tests the next day. When she got home, she headed to her bathroom and found a truly touching surprise from her husband.

Smashbox, Bare Minerals, brush kits for days? Nice haul! (Photo: Instagram/Mommywekus )

The caption explained, “Coming home after 12 ½ hours of your hardest day yet and seeing this on the bathroom counter?!?! How did Kevin do it you ask? He took my makeup bag to Ulta and said “here… she needs more of everything,  can you help me? ” ❤❤❤ I am the luckiest girl on the face of the planet!”

We had a quick chat with Alexis this morning (good luck on those tests!) and she told us “Kevin is going to be so embarrassed. He went to Ulta, and you know how they have the little area where they do your makeup? He said the girl there pulled everything out of my bag and then took him around and showed him what everything was and what it did.”

The surprise came at a much needed moment. “I had the longest day yet. When I get home, Kevin gives me a big hug and then when I got in the bathroom that was there!”

The couple, who have three daughters (and one grandbaby, who is the “cutest of all,” says Alexis) have been married 24 years. We can see why. #relationshipgoals

(Photo: Facebook)


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