What is Nipah Virus? Know its symptoms and methods of prevention – Dr. Surekha Tiwari

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In 1998 in Malaysia, the workers who are working on pork factory, they were discovered to have a very unique kind of brain fever and it became like an epidemic. Soon it was discovered that this epidemic was because of this virus which was identified as nipah virus. This virus is responsible for brain fever. So it causes photophobia pain in the eyes, with light and also it has pain in the head along with other symptoms of viral sickness like body aches, lassitude, fever, running nose, running cold, and cough, it was soon discovered that the carrier of the virus is actually the bats and because of urban development, because of the disturbance in the environmental balance the bats and the human proximity has increased. The bats have started coming toward human population, which was never the case earlier and they used to bite on the fruits which were hanging on the trees and those fruits became the carriers of the virus and any human or birds or animals consuming the virus had become prey to nipah virus. This was the story. There is no known medicines for nipah virus. There is nothing which says that there is no vaccine, no medicine, the only thing is sheer common sense of any viral sickness handling. Take rest, hydrate yourself very well. Eat well that is very important for the body to combat it. Immunity will provide you enough. Only thing is you have to feed your immunity. Not necessary by force. These epidemics are usually known as an outbreak. After the outbreak will be over, the initial cases will be over, things will settle down. Till things are settled down, please do not consume fruits which are cut in public, which have any bite marks in them. Be careful how you chose. Do not consume fruit juices outside because you do not know where they are sourcing it. And also make sure that you maintain basic levels of hygiene. Do not consume pork. That is very important because if there is an outbreak then you can be sure that the pig is definitely carrying it in much higher levels of concentration. Nipah virus is controllable. Just it is an episode, it will pass.


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