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What these Big Brother winners look like today

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Big Brother has had its ups and downs over its long run, but the reality TV series has remained a giant of the genre for many years thanks to its fun voting format and addicting live feeds. Although the ability to watch the houseguests 24/7 has set Big Brother apart from other reality competition shows, what really makes the series stand out is its memorable and often wild contestants. 

Hundreds of people have competed on Big Brother over the years, and while many make their impression on the show’s fans, only one person each season gets to take home the $500,000 prize. Fans love to debate which winners are the best and who actually deserved the top dollar each season, but the fact of the matter is that every summer, for better or for worse, one person leaves the Big Brother house half a million dollars richer.

What those winners do with their newfound cash and fame has varied quite a bit. Some have gone into business, while others have stuck around the reality realm and continued to make a name for themselves in television. Still others have made unexpected journeys in their careers and personal lives. Here’s what the lives of these memorable Big Brother winners look like today.

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