When These Pets Are At The Vet’s, Their Expressions Are Absolutely Priceless

1. “…You said we were going to the park.”

2. “I’ve been waiting for 20 MINUTES!”

3. Being a vet must be the best.

4. “You have to put the thermometer where?”

5. “Listen, I know I packed on a few pounds, but my new kibble is so good.”

6. Don’t be scared! You’re here to get better!

7. “I’m not sure what everyone’s so upset about. I like the slippery, shiny table!”

8. “Can we speed this up? I have to get home in time for the big game.”

9. “Can someone please just tell me what’s going on?”


11. Too cool for school (or the vet).

12. “Are these fun toys for ME?!”

13. “Where is she taking me?!”

14. Diagnosis: you’ve overdosed on cute.

15. “You know I hate it when you take pictures of me at the vet. The lighting is all wrong.”

16. This guy simply doesn’t know what’s coming. Ignorance is bliss.

17. CAT scans are old news…PUP scans are all the rage now.

18. Is it bad that I think this tiny cast is the cutest?

19. “I AM the sink. No doctor will find me here!”

20. There’s really no shame in the cone of shame, ironically.

21. It just earns you extra affection when you get home!

22. “I laugh in the face of a stethoscope.”

23. “Momma, hold my hand?”

24. The vet’s office isn’t so bad when you’ve got a buddy…

25. “I’m ready for my treats now!”


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