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Reddit used to be a virtual place for me to indulge my inner sci-fi geek — where I could convene with my fellow geequals about Lost theories. But as most of my relationships have evolved, so has my Reddit sensibility. Lately, I’ve been frequenting everyone’s favorite Geocities-esque site for its wealth of beauty know-how. 

Sure, it lacks in style, but it makes up for it in substance. That being said, surfing the site’s heavy-on-the-verbal/light-on-the-imagery interface can feel like you’re participating in an archeological dig. That’s where I come in. 

While poring through the wealth of information Reddit has to offer beauty enthusiasts, I excavated some seriously obscure tips for all of us. So unique in fact, I hadn’t heard of any of them in my ten years of beauty blogging, a veritable lifetime of magazine consuming, or in all of my (tons of!) beauty-related social media interactions. 

Here, the best beauty redditors to follow into your own Reddit rabbit hole (are redditors the new editors?), and the tips I’ve learned from them.

Illustrations by Abbie Winters.

This sassy Vancouver-based makeup artist tells it like it is while she serves up useful beauty suggestions and product recommendations. Her top five faves are KVD Thunderstruck Highlighter, YSL Tint-in-Oil, Becca Wild Honey Blush, Thrive Causemetics Lash Glue, and Benefit Gimme Brow.

I also learned that she only uses gel products (along with the power of prayer) on the waterline of her eyes for super-long wear.

She also suggests applying less moisturizer. “Too much product is what ruins a flawless finish.” Plus, she suggests buffing out any excess foundation with a clean brush.

In her Reddit AMA (that stands for Ask Me Anything, for the uninitiated), I learned that Stridex, my go-to exfoliator of choice from the ‘90s, is making a deep and real comeback. Yes, it can be a bit drying for some people, but it’s an effective chemical exfoliant beloved by many on the subreddit for keeping a blackhead-free face. 

The Skincare Addiction Routine subreddit thread also features tons of takes on skin-care cocktails if you’re currently uninspired by your morning or evening routine.

This redditor directed me to the BeautyDiagrams subreddit where I learned that Groupon has original beauty content (yup!), like this primer on everything you need to know about makeup brushes, and a post on how to score a metallic sage smoky eye.

She also confessed to using Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk under her eyes “and a little down past, kind of as a base for my highlighter, because it helps it show up a lot better for me, and it helps a lot with my dark circles.”

Martha introduced me to the Wayne Goss foundation application method, which starts with applying powder first. She also recommends using hydrocolloid Band-Aids to zap cystic acne. 

“Before I put them on, I do my regular routine, but don’t moisturize over the zit. Then I sterilize the back of my hand. Stick the bandage to your hand where you cleaned it and peel it off. Then stick it over the zit,” she says. “Blister bandages are made to adhere really well because you wear them for multiple days. The layer of skin from the back of your hand makes it less sticky and less likely to peel off your face skin!” Genius.

After logging years of mixed results bringing in photos to the hair salon, male redditor ultrapingu taught me about using basic Photoshop skills “to crop someone else’s hair in a picture onto a picture of yourself just as a rough guide as to [see] what it might look like on you.” Some sites will do this for you, but it’s clunky and can even be expensive. Learning how to do it on your own could save you from enduring the Never-ending Bangs Grow Out Episode of 2016.

This user posted a photo of the E.L.F. Powder Blush Palette with the caption, “Actually kind of impressed with this new E.L.F Light Blush Palette, especially for $6.” Beauty redditors started freaking out about her pic of the “Light” version, featuring swatches on her arm. Redditors in bulk chimed in and expressed similar sentiments about this drugstore darling. Plus you can buy it at Old Navy — yet another gem we learned from this thread.

For the rest of our reddit tips, visit Refinery29.

By: Amber Katz

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