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With names like Ellen DeGeneres, Simon Cowell, and Ryan Seacrest it’s hard to imagine who the highest paid TV host was of 2017. But don’t worry, we’re here to tell you who was the top earner.

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So just how much money do your favorite TV hosts earn in a year? Well, let’s put it this way: a whole lot more than you.

Simon Cowell made the fifth spot on the list with $43.5 million in earnings between June 2016 and June 2017. Sure, he makes a pretty penny running his music label, but the bulk of it comes from his TV hosting gigs… which just keeping stacking up.

Judge Judy earned a reported $47 million in the past year, putting her at the number four spot. She’s spent 21 seasons on the air and her show is still watched by an average 10 million viewers. That’s alone is worth its weight in gold.

With $58 million, Ryan Seacrest took the number three spot… to no surprise. He’s been called the busiest man in show business, with hosting gigs like American Idol, Live! with Kelly and Ryan, red carpet events, the New Year’s Eve show, his radio show, and the Rio Olympics… plus he produces eight TV shows. So take that.

Ellen DeGeneres earned $77 million for the year with the bulk of her earnings coming from her talk show. But her other business ventures bring in plenty of cash too, plus she’s heading over the Netflix for her first stand-up special in 15 years. No wonder she’s number two on the list.

But all hail Dr. Phil. He’s the top earner of the year with a staggering $79 million in earnings. Most of it comes from his show, for which he has a pretty good deal… allowing him to share in the show’s ad rev and product placement profits. Guess we shouldn’t be too surprised. prah Winfrey is his mentor.


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Who is the Highest Paid TV Host of 2017? | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV


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