You Probably Didn’t Know That Raccoons Getting Baths Would Be This Cute

1. “What is this magic??”

2. “Hey! I was saving that dirt for later!!”

3. “Hm, maybe just a tad warmer?”

4. “Must! Escape!”

5. “Oh, this is niiiice.”

6. “I will vanquish you, water stick!”

7. “This! Is! The! Best!”

8. Working up a sweat before rinsing off.

9. I think the babysitter is a little jealous.

10. The struggle is so real.

11. This cutie just wants to make sure mom doesn’t miss a spot.

12. He’s got it all figured out on his own.

13. “Aaand that’s enough, time to cuddle.”

14. “Okay, all done! Bye!”

15. Well, that’s one way to save on time and water.


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