You Won’t Be Able To Believe Just How Much These 16 Things Changed Over The Years

1. I would just throw out the darn Slinky.

2. Kids today will never know the joy of playing Snake.

3. Wait, snail mail still exists?

4. Whoa…with a capital “Wwwwwwhhhaaaaa?”

5. It’s true. Nerds inherited the Earth.

6. A dictionary for tattoos.

7. Recess means something totally different today.

8. “If I repeat things over and over, will they like me better?”

9. Sci-Fi won for Best Makeover.

10. Too soon?

11. Texting: destroying the door bell industry since 2006.

12. People used to go to an actual iStore?

13. At least the magazines didn’t run out of juice.

14. Ok, I’m on board with this one.

15. FACT.

16. Wait…how long has it been since I went?

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