You Won’t Be Able To Look Away From These 20 Totally Satisfying Machine Gifs

1. The machine that cores, peels, and slices apples.

2. The hypnotic highlighter test.

3. The exasperated robot.

4. The paper airplane machine.

5. The robots who believe in teamwork.

6. The pasta maker.

7. The really big pasta maker.

8. The machine that proves how smart you are.

9. The robot that writes personalized messages for you.

10. The table every mahjongg enthusiast needs.

11. The waffle cone whirler.

12. The happy slappy dough slicer.

13. The Pop-Tart folder.

14. The pretzel twister.

15. The endless chain link machine.

16. The machine that makes paperclips by smacking them.

17. The spring squeezer.

18. The top refiner.

19. The world’s best paper slicer.

20. The pancake flipper.

21. BONUS! Machines don’t just make things. They also totally destroy them.


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