You Won’t Believe Just Where You Could Find A Swastika Before World War II

1. The Windsor Swastikas hockey team.

2. Vintage swastika Coca-Cola pendant from the 1920s.

3. Kids dressed up for a Halloween party in 1918.

4. The Swastikas girl’s hockey team from Edmonton, Canada, around 1916.

5. She’s showing off her new boots, but that pattern on the tile floor is more interesting.

6. Members of the Red Swastika in Shanghai during World War II.

7. The 1909 Chilocco Indian Agricultural School basketball team.

8. A flapper from the 1920s with some questionable patterns on her outfit.

9. Another team photo of the Edmonton Swastikas.

10. Swastika Laundry was a laundry company in Dublin, Ireland. This photo was taken in 1912.

11. The 1908 San Francisco YMCA basketball team proudly displaying their swastikas.

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