You’ll Never Guess What Makes This House So Special…Until You Get A Closer Look

From a distance, the house appears to be made of stones.

But get closer, and you start seeing the colorful patterns that make up the outer walls.

The house is made almost entirely of bottles.

The house took six months to build, which doesn’t seem that long! It was completed in 1980.

The house measures about 280 square feet, and the interior and exterior walls are all made from bottles.

Imagine what this must sound like in the rain.

Besides the house, Arsenault also constructed a bottle chapel, complete with an altar and pews.

There’s also a little tavern.

Besides being built from bottles, the tavern also houses a collection of Arsenault’s favorite bottles.

He even built an homage to the bottle structure that inspired him years prior: a giant bottle made of bottles!


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