You’ll Never See A Pimple On Your Face Again if You Do This

From Cosmopolitan

Pimples suck. They always show up uninvited at the wrong place and the wrong time. Even worse are the raised pimples that basically project out of your face and ruin your life. But there’s a secret to flattening a raised pimple in four easy steps and you’re about to find out how to do it.

1. Cover the area with foundation. This will take down initial redness of the zit.

2. Spot conceal away additional redness. If the area around your pimple is a little inflamed, use a small, fluffy brush topped with concealer to spot correct the redness.

3. Conceal any shadow surrounding the blemish (that it may cause since it’s raised) to create the illusion that it’s flatter. With concealer on the tip of a cotton swab, gently erase the shadow around the pimple to make the blemish appear flatter.

4. Set the area with finishing powder. Using a fluffy eye shadow brush, top off the area with finishing powder.

All done! Congrats, you just became your own pimple magician.

Watch step-by-step instructions in the video above.

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