You'll Never Want To Visit A Yard Sale Again After Seeing These 16 Items For Sale

1. This absolutely horrible vegetable clown

2. Because who doesn't want to watch a funeral you weren't at?

3. Most dolls are a little creepy, but this one takes the cake

4. Call me skeptical, but I probably wouldn't use these


6. What's for sale? The cage? Or the woman?

7. Please stop selling creepy dolls

8. Watching grandmas dance sounds like a great night to me

9. Seriously, stop it with the dolls

10. Ah yeah, the old "maybe murder couch"

11. I don't know, if he's staying hard, that's a little disappointing

12. Worst. Mug. Ever.

13. "Hi, I'll take all the weird bones you have, please."

14. Yeah, that makes sense I guess

15. This is supposed to be a rocking horse, but I don't know if you can call that a horse

16. Of course, the old sad clown plate, who doesn't want one?