Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Dip for Your Super Bowl Party

It’s Super Bowl season, which for food-minded fans means much more than just yards down or touchdowns scored. No, sir — it’s an opportunity to throw the most epic, taste bud-tingling Super Bowl shindig of all time.

We’re talking crispy game-time wings that put guests in a trance of flavor-induced bliss. Six-foot-long plates of color-coded nachos that inspire tears of joy. And, of course, complete and total dip domination. 

With so much on the line, everyone can use a little help in that last department. Enter our nifty dip matrix, which we’ve compiled to help you easily achieve Super Bowl party nirvana. Whether you’re feeling something low-brow or fancy, healthy or gut-busting, we’ve got you covered. Check out the links to every recipe below.

Photograp: Oliver Barth

Unintimidating, party-pleasing dishes gets a nutritious makeover by adding boatloads of veggies and nixing dairy. Take, for instance, packed with heart-healthy tahini and  swirled with nutritional yeast and a handful of raw cashews. Even ranch dip, a Super Bowl classic, is lightened with aid from

Photo: Donal Skehan

In the market for healthy fare to class up your get together? We’re partial to eye-popping , which naturally sports a gorgeous deep purple hue; legendary chef Jacques Pépin’s swirled with cholesterol-lowering olive oil; and tangy . A simple is healthy in moderation, especially when paired with elegantly trimmed veggies.

Photo: Dennis Prescott

Let’s face it: For plenty of us, the Super Bowl is no time to cut calories. Enter this total show-stopper of a piled high with refried beans, chili-spiked sour cream, guacamole, salsa, and Cheddar cheese. Its meatier cousin, the , packs the same Tex-Mex punch with the addition of spiced ground beef, black beans, and zesty Monterey Jack cheese. Of course, classic is always a crowd-pleaser, especially when served piping hot and stuffed with melty Parmesan, creamy mayonnaise, and tangy sour cream.

If you really want to go all out, give amped up a whirl. This high-end spin on the classic onion dip kicks things up a notch with help from red wine vinegar, thyme, and deep-fried shallot rings. There’s also onion , which is nearly more like a classy fondue than a dip. For a silky, refined starter, we favor herbaceous  packed with piquant chives and aromatic parsley, tarragon, and basil. But the fanciest Super Bowl dish of them all? , which is briny and creamy all at once.

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