10 Most Haunted Things in the World

10 Most Haunted Things in the World


Almost all of us have heard about haunted places and houses at some point in our life. However, evil and demonic activity has also been associated with certain things throughout history. Below is a list of the 10 most haunted things in the world.

    10. The Painting of the Crying Boy




The Crying Boy painting was published in 1950. Soon, people realized that this painting would appear in the rubble of burnt houses with the painting being completely intact. Since then, this painting has been thought to burn down the houses in which it is hanged.


  1. The Bidduk Box


The Bidduk Box is a wine cabinet that is haunted by evil spirits according to legends. The spirit possesses the humans who come in contact with it. Also, strange things start happening in the house in which it is kept.


  1. The Myrtles Plantations Mirror


The Myrtles plantation in the South were thought of being haunted in the 1800s. One of the plantations ladies died along with her two children in mysterious conditions. Since then, it was believed that their spirits never left and got trapped in this mirror. Now, strange marks and handprints seem to appear on the mirror from time to time.


  1. The Woman from Lemb Statue


This statue was found in 1878 in Cyprus. It represented a female fertility Goddess. But it was believed to be haunted. Over the years, anyone who got in possession of this statue died within a couple of years along with their family.


  1. The Conjure Chest


The conjure chest was built by a slave on his master’s request. However, the master did not like it and beat the slave to death. The slave’s friends vowed to take revenge for his death and placed a curse on the chest. As a result of the curse, almost 18 people lost their lives.


  1. The Painting ‘Hands Resist Him’


This painting was done by the artist Bill Stoneham in which he depicted himself standing with a girl from his neighborhood when they were young. In 2000, it was auctioned and said to be haunted. The original owners claimed that the characters in the painting sometimes moved inside the painting. Sometimes, they even got outside its frame.


  1. The Cursed Chair of Death


This chair is said to have belonged to a murderer Thomas Busby. When he was about to be hanged for his crimes, he requested as a last wish to sit on his chair and have lunch. There, he cursed anyone who sits on his chair to have an untimely death. This chair was placed in a pub during World War II. People claimed that soldiers who sat in this chair always got killed in the war.


  1. Haunted Wedding Dress


This wedding dress belonged to Anna Baker who intended to wear it on her wedding. Her father, however, didn’t let her marry the man because of his poverty. After a heartbroken Anna, the dress was eventually placed in a museum where it is said to have become haunted and sways from side to side especially on full moons.


  1. Robert, The Haunted Doll


This haunted doll belonged to a boy named Robert in Florida. Legend says that the boy would talk to the doll and the doll talked back to him. The doll was also seen to move from window to window in their house. Now the doll is on display in a museum and curses anyone who takes its picture without asking permission first.


  • Annabelle the Doll



Probably the scariest thing ever is Annabelle the doll. This doll was given to a girl by her mother. The girl noticed strange things happening in her home. The doll would move by herself to other places. Finally, she asked a psychic investigation couple who told that the doll was haunted by a demon. They took the doll with them and placed it in their Occult museum.


Although these things are not the only haunted things that have been known but they certainly top the list of the most haunting things in the world.

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