10 Most Poisonous Animals in the World

10 Most Poisonous Animals in the World

As it is said by Darwin that in this cruel and ever-changing world there is always survival of the fittest, that is why those who have the power to survive can only remain live in this world. However, humankind has learned civilization, but it’s not so in the case of animals. Every animal possesses a distinctive trait as its defense mechanism through which it can save itself from its predators or other animals. Many animals use their poison as a defense mechanism.

Below there is a list of topmost poisonous animals in the world. Although they might seem beautiful to you, but don’t get impressed by their looks. They are deadly, so be aware!!!

  1. Puffer Fish


Although it might seem to you an innocent fish, the skin and certain organs of this fish are very much poisonous. Its poison can cause sudden death. With the poisoning caused by this fish can cause the victim to suffer from deadening of tongue and lips. It causes a very high heart rate, difficulty in breathing and paralysis of muscle ultimately leading to death. Most of the victims of its poison are dead within 4 to 24 hours.



  1. Poison Dart Frog


Although it seems small in size of only 2-inch length this poison dart frog is one of the most poisonous animals in the world. It can carry enough poison to kill either 10 adults or 20,000 mice instantly. For a single human, only 2 micrograms are lethal. It has got its name as poison dart because Native American Indian use this toxic to poison the tips of their blow darts. The poison is basically in its skin and can cause the demise of anyone who either touches or consumes it.


  1. Inland Taipan


Although most of the snakes are poisonous Inland Taipan of Australia is one of the most deadly ones. The amount of poison it injects in a single bite is sufficient enough to kill 100 human beings or 250,000 mice. Its venom is around 200—400 times more deadly than that of a normal cobra. It can cause the lethal death of an individual in a short time span of 45 minutes. Luckily, this snake is shy and have not caused any human death as per record. As the snake bites till date have been treated with its anti-venom.


  1. Brazilian Wandering Spider


With the common name of Banana Spider, this small creature has gained popularity as the most poisonous spider in the world by appearing in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2007. It is believed that it have most intoxicating neurotoxic venom that is present in any living spider in the whole world. Only 0.006 mg is more than sufficient to kill a mouse. Because of its wandering nature, they have also become more dangerous for human beings. They might hide in highly populated areas like inside houses, cars etc. Its bite can cause intense pain, tissue necrosis, and priapism. Priapism is a condition in which the victim suffers from uncomfortable erections which can last for hours, ultimately leading to impotency.


  1. Stonefish


Although looking like stone, this stone fish might not be the one who attract your attention, but with the lethal poison it possesses, it is surely the most poisonous fish. The Reef stonefish have 13 spines that release poison from the two sacs that are attached to the spines. Its poison can cause severe pain along with paralysis and tissue death. It mainly resides in the area of the tropic of Capricorn and can be easily found in shallow tropical marine waters.


  1. Death Stalker Scorpion


Although most of the stings caused by common scorpions can cause local effects like pain, swelling and unresponsiveness, but Death stalker scorpion is the most deadly scorpion present in the world. Its venom is an amalgamation of neurotoxins that can cause unbearable pain and fever which is followed by coma and paralysis, ultimately leading to death. Although by its sting it can make you suffer from intolerable and agonizing pain, but it will not cause the death of a healthy adult human. However, young children, unhealthy ones and oil persons are at risk. It is mostly found in North Africa and the Middle East.


  1. Blue- Ringed Octopus


With a meager size like that of the golf ball, this deadly animal is capable of killing a human being. The amount of poison it carries is sufficient enough to kill about 26 human beings and that too in a flash. Unfortunately, till date, there is no antidote for this strong poison. Its bite is totally painless and therefore seems not to be harmful but in reality, its poison starts working under immediate effect. It will lead to the weakening of muscles, cessation in breathing and finally death. You can locate them in tide pools of the Pacific Ocean stretching from Japan to Australia.


  1. Marbled Cone Snail


This beautiful cone snail looking like a heap of marbles is one of the deadly animals on this list. With the amount of venom, it possesses it will be able to kill at least more than 20 human beings. It can be found in the warm salty location, never dare to touch it. The effect of its bite can start showing immediately or it can delay for days. It causes intense pain and swelling. It will lead to paralysis of muscles with difficulty in breathing and changes in visions. Unfortunately, there is no antidote present till date.


  1. King Cobra


With the length that can extend up to 5.6 m, King Cobra possess the title of world’s longest venomous snake. Normally found in India and China, they are well known for their deadliness. Their venom is highly effective and can even cause the death of a full-grown Asian elephant within 3 hours if the bite is caused in a vulnerable area. It also possesses the speediest death of its victim within 30-45 minutes that is the fastest time for any snake bite.


  1. Box Jelly Fish


With the shape of a box, this box jellyfish holds the title of the most poisonous animal in this whole world. Since 1954, as per record, it has caused the death of around 5,567 living beings. The poison possessed by this fish affects the heart and nervous system of the victim. The most lethal thing about its poison and its impact is that the poison is so powerful that a human being goes into shock immediately and thus can get drowned or die even before calling for help. After its string in case vinegar is applied within 30 seconds then you have the chance of survival. It can be located in waters near to Asia and Australia.

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