10 Strongest Liquors In The World

10 Strongest Liquors In The World


Since time immemorial, this ‘Devil’s Poison’ has dominated its place and has ever been found to have linked with several illegal activities like theft, murder, and rapes. It has been one thing that stayed standard for all generations and cultures. It is available in various forms like rum, beer, and vodka and new ones are being added in to meet the demand. Governments of different countries have passed laws to control the use of liquor, but it never succumbed to any. Some people are strong enough to have the liquors without adding water or juices to it. Most of the commonly used liquors are 40% alcoholic. Here we have put down a list of the top 10 strongest liquors of the world.

  1. Stroh Rum


It is made from sugarcane molasses and is a strong spiced rum from Austria. The company was named after Sebastian Stroh, the founder and established in Klagenfurt. The fiercest of the Stroh Rum comes in a concentration of 80% alcohol by volume. It is also available in lower concentrations. The product is sold in about 40 countries. They cannot be consumed as it is and used mainly for preparing punch drinks, rumtopf or a cocktail. Austrian cuisine has a real usage of these in cakes and pastries. It is loved for the heating provided during the summer season and Austrians mix it up with almost all warm drinks during the cold times.

  1. John Crow Batty Rum


It is a Jamaican overproof rum with a value of 160. It’s a crystal clear one with a fruity taste and is manufactured by Trelawny Rum Company. Even with its high strength of 80% alcohol concentration, the unique factor is that it does not cause the burning. It is the Jamaican substitute for the Moonshine, and the name of the liquor is not related to its manufacturer or founder. The name John Crow has been given to signify that the strength of the liquid is similar to the gut acid of the John Crow vultures which feed on dead rotten meat. A few glasses from this would be enough to cause havoc in a party.

  1. Sunset Rum


The label itself says “Very strong Rum.” It’s a plain alcohol produced from molasses manufactured by St. Vincent Distillers Ltd. The rum comes with a strict warning not to consume it neat as, unlike most other spirits that cause a burning sensation, this highly strong one with 84.5 % alcohol concentration can cause burns. It is best consumed as a cocktail or as a float. This unaged high proof rum has won several awards for its intense taste. Due to its high demand, there are also other variation available other than the basic clear one. People and even college students love it for its island effect.

  1. Balkan Vodka


It is a triple distilled variety coming right in from the Balkans. It is manufactured from 5 kinds of cereal. This old Balkan tasting drink was released in the UK in 2002 and is handmade in small batches with utmost care. This minute detailing is the reason for the high taste of the drink and because of its great form of 176, the bottle comes with a long list of about 13 warnings. Due to the high strength of 88%, it should not be consumed without mixing with enough percentage of tonic water or fruit juices. It’s best consumed with cocktails.

  1. Pincer Shanghai Strength


It might feel good to have an 88.8% strong vodka which can also provide you health. The Scottish distiller, Pincer is very much ecologically thinking, and they wanted to produce the vodka with a medicinal base that is created from natural materials. The irony is that the health properties of this vodka are derived from milk thistle and elderflower, and they work like a tonic promoting liver functioning. Unlike most like liquors, this one gives 65 shots from a single bottle compared to the usual 26.

  1. Hapsburg Gold Label Premium Reserve Absinthe


This green drink comes right in from the Czech Republic and is the strongest absinthe. Hapsburg Gold has the slogan “ There are no rules”, but for safety reasons it is best not to be drunk clean. Absinthe is loved by artists to bring that spark of creativity into their minds, but the Hapsburg Gold works differently. The strongest variety comes in 89.9% strength while the weakest type is 72.5%.

  1. River Antoine Royal Grenadian Rum


As the name goes, it is from Grenada and has an 180 proof and the 90 % high alcohol content is achieved by the age old technique of pot stilling. It is made from local sugarcane organically produced using the water wheel. The water is run by River Antoine and crushes the cane. The crushed cane is used as bagasse to heat the cane juice. The distillery itself looks like it’s about 100 years old. Manpower and alternative energy are used throughout the product giving it the tag of being handmade.

  1. Bruichladdich X4 Quadrupled Whiskey


It’s an aged whiskey which is three years old and is produced from the 17th-century technique of quadruple distillation. This one contains 92% alcohol and is the most fierce of all single malt alcoholic drinks available. The company was inspired by the tale of the traveler from the Hebrides who named the drink he had as the “perilous whiskey” which was produced from quadruple distillation. They are aged for three years in Oak Casks, and the intense power of the whiskey enables its to pick up the essence of the oak giving it the varied taste factor.

  1. Everclear


Everclear is manufactured by Luxco Distilling company from the fermentation of corn at 95 % concentration and 190 proof. The bottle cover has two red warning signals requesting to prevent exposure to open flame, and the other one warns from over consumption. The advice is written twice on the bottle, and that shows how serious it is. It is also available in a weaker version at 151 proof as the 190 proof bottle is prevented for sale in several states in the US.

  1. Spirytus


Spirytus is an extremely concentrated rectified spirit available at above 95% concentration and is made in Poland. It has a proof value of 192 and was only recently allowed to be sold in New York. It is used as a base in the production of other whiskey and alcohol products. It is also used for making cocktails, and there are unique recipes available to make Jello shots and limoncello at home using Spirytus.


All of the above top concentration alcohols should never be consumed raw without mixing. But yet there are some adamant people would have tried this proper without mixing and there are several reported cases of fatalities due to the high concentration and over consumption of the strong alcohols.


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