10 unknown and wried facts about sharks

Friend Sharks are the amazing creatures. Today I will share 10 facts about sharks with you like there are 500 known species of shark. I know that you like this fact and I also sure that you will also like other facts of shark that I will tell you. So let’s start.
Shark Fact No.#1:-
Sharks live in every ocean of the Earth. While these creatures also found in freshwater lakes and some river’s. For Example, The bull shark is known to travel in world’s largest Amazon River.
Shark Fact No.#2:-
Friends, Sharks have been living in Earth ocean for 450 million years.
Shark Fact No.#3:-
The difference between a shark and other fish is that the skeleton of shark is made of cartilage instead of bone and the fish skeleton is made of bone instead of cartilage.
Shark Fact No.#4:-
Also Sharks have eyelids while bony fish don’t have. This is another fact that make sharks different from fish.
Shark Fact No.#5:-
Another fact that make sharks different from fish is their scales. Sharks have dermal denticles also called Placoid scales, which are smooth and helps shark to move fast in water while fish have flat, rough scales.
Shark Fact No.#6:-
Both fishs and sharks can only swim forward, because their fins are hard and cannot br controlled bt their muscles.
Shark Fact No.#7:-
An average shark has 40 to 45 teeth in up to seven rows. Friends, shark lose teeth regularly and can go throught 30,000 teeth in their lifetime.
Shark Fact No.#8:-
Friends, The smallest shark in this world is dwarf lantern that is only 6 inches and the largest shark is whale shark that is 41.5 feet in length.
Shark Fact No.#9:-
Friends, if you want to measure the age of a shark than you have to count the rings on it’s vertebrae.
Shark Fact No.#10:-
Sharks can hear from up tp 3000 feets away but that’s not the real part. The real fact is that their ears are inside of their heads.

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