11 Times People Swore They Saw A Holy Figure In Everyday Objects

1.) The Clearwater Virgin appeared on Christmas Day in 1996. Over a million people came to visit a single window in Florida.

2.) This figure of Jesus was seen on someone’s iron in Boston. I hope they were ironing their best suit for church.

3.) This Funyun depiction of an immaculate birth went for $609 on eBay.

4.) In 2011, A Virginia woman and her daughter were convinced that this marking on a tree looked like Jesus.

5.) Does this look like a Savior on the cross? One woman in Missouri thought so. She calls it “Cheesus” because, of course, Jesus prefers to appear to people in the form of a Cheeto.

6.) One Pennsylvania woman was surprised when she found Jesus in her MRI.

7.) Jesus in a pancake, courtesy of The Cowgirl Cafe in April of this year.

8.) On Sept. 13, 2014, Jesus decided to say hello to Mary Moroz in pierogi form.

9.) If you look closely, you can see why Ernesto Hernandez from Pennsylvania thinks Jesus might have blessed his piece of chicken.

10.) In 2011, a man believed that Mary and Jesus appeared to him in his pizza tray.

11.) The Cone Nebula is sometimes called the “Jesus Nebula” because some people think it looks like Jesus praying. It interestingly surrounds cluster NGC 2264, or the “Christmas Tree Cluster.”


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