15 Animals You Never Knew Were Actually Incognito Superheroes

1. The addax antelope can change hair color.

2. The lyrebird won’t ever need to buy Rosetta Stone.

3. Meerkats have built-in sunglasses.

4. Leeches have more brain power than you think.

5. Crows have sophisticated facial recognition software in their brains…

6. Spiny mice are basically little wolverines.

7. Grizzly bears have an 18-mile-radius taco detector.

8. Butterflies don’t need mouths to taste.

9. Scarlet jellyfish are immortal.

10. Roadrunners can cry away their problems.

11. Hippos make their own artisanal sunscreen.

12. Raccoons are every ounce the bandits they appear to be.

13. Opossums can’t be poisoned.

14. Dolphins and whales go their whole lives without waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

15. Ants are the champions of power naps.


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