20 Toddlers Who Learned Early Why Dogs Really Are Man’s Best Friend

1. “Cuddle me first!” “No, ME first!”

2. “Can I bounce? CAN I EVER!”

3. “Don’t forget behind the ears.”

4. “That’s the squirrel I’ve been telling you about!”

5. She always shares her crumbs.

6. Water fountain for two, please.

7. “That’s okay, I’ll wait.”

8. “Hi…wanna be best friends?”

9. “Let’s work on developing your belly rub technique.”

10. “Let me know when they’re not looking and I’ll do a cannon ball.”

11. I can’t tell which one loves all this love more.

12. He’ll tag along with her anywhere.

13. “I’m just glad someone is comfortable.”

14. Someone gets a little scared on car rides.

15. Sharing really is caring.

16. She could probably ride him into the sunset.

17. “Hurry up! So many adventures are waiting!!”

18. “Crap, she caught us.”

19. Tiniest puppy attack ever.

20. He’s got a big heart for someone still so small.


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