22 Of The Cutest, Tiniest Pets That You Can Carry Around On Your Finger

1. Shhh, it’s nap time.

2. Seriously, who could say no to these eyes?

3. He’s not quite to the “glide” part of sugar glider, yet.

4. You can’t move your finger — that’s his new perch…forever.

5. Aww, she’s giving you a hug!

6. The grass was overwhelming him!

7. So. TEENY.

8. “Race ya to the knuckle!”

9. “Hm, your love line is telling me someone very small and handsome is going to come into your life…”

10. Now this is one classy amphibian.

11. He’s just a little…shy.

12. “Did you have Cheetos at lunch?”

13. “Listen to me: you’re getting very sleepy…”

14. Teach your kids about science with one of these beauties.

15. Oh come on, baby Kermit, being green isn’t that bad.

16. He just wantssss to ssssay hello.

17. “What? Can’t a guy just chill?”

18. Finger monkeys are real and they are THE CUTEST THINGS EVER.

19. This treat will take him the next five years to finish.

20. This lovely lady could give you makeup tips.

21. She loves it when she matches her human’s nails.

22. “HOW could you miss that exit?”


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