24 Adorable Little Guys Who Really Don’t Want To Stop Sleeping…Ever

1. “You can go, but the arm stays.”

2. “Toy? Nah, I have like a thousand of those in my dreams.”

3. Good luck flipping this cat pancake.

4. “Not even for all the bacon in the world, mister.”

5. *Burrows deeper into the cushion*

6. “I’ll get up when he does.” -All three of them

7. “Walk? LOL, nah.”

8. “Ugh, close the curtains!”

9. “Wanna go chase some squirrels?” “Nope.” “Good, me either.”

10. “Go ahead. Try to make me get out of bed. I dare you.”

11. “What do you mean by ‘outside’? I don’t think I like the sound of anywhere but here.”

12. “Yeah, you go to work. I’ll be right here.”

13. “Could I get a few more blankets?”

14. She can’t hear a word you’re saying over her snores.

15. “Oh, I’m not getting up, I’m just stretching out.”

16. Finally got the harness on him…and he only wants to walk in his dreams.

17. “I see your point, but I disagree. Staying here forever.”

18. “Do you know how much energy it took just to open my eyes?”

19. “C’mon, you know your Netflix queue misses you.”

20. This roly-poly won’t be rolling out of bed anytime soon.

21. “Hm? What? I can’t hear you.”

22. Well this is just a totally unfair use of puppy-dog eyes.

23. “Turn. The light. Out.”

24. “Okay, here’s my final offer: let me stay in bed and I’ll let you snuggle with Mr. Teddy.”

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