25 Days Of Creepy Christmas, Day 22: The Creepiest Christmas Cookies Ever Baked

1.) How about some zombie cookies? They actually look pretty delicious.

2.) I think these are supposed to be reindeer, but they look more like some sort of horrifying insect. They probably taste good though.

3.) I don’t even…

4.) These cookies are screaming in agony. Somebody do something!

5.) Ouch, poor Blitzen.

6.) No one likes bug cookies. No one…

7.) Do you think this cookie voodoo doll actually works?

8.) Vampire gingerbread men are coming to get you.

9.) This is the kind of cookie that comes to life and tries to kill you in your sleep.

10.) These melted snowmen don’t look very happy, but they taste great.

11.) Anarchy cookie.

12.) It was a Christmas cookie assassination.

13.) I knew that Elf On The Shelf was up to no good.

14.) Risen from the grave, these gingerbread men would like some of your delicious flesh.

15.) Some sort of reindeer, lobster hybrid?

16.) They’re barely cookies at all. This is what happens when you put in powdered sugar instead flour.

17.) X-ray gingerbread cookies.

18.) One of the worst decorating jobs ever. Now they look like mutant cookies, or maybe that’s the point…

19.) Gingerbread men can be vicious.

20.) This Christmas cookie is starring into your soul.

21.) Hanging up the bodies of dead gingerbread men. Yummy, but gruesome.

22.) Where do I even begin with this one…


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