Check out a collection of first aid tips everybody should know. Check out how to reuse plastic bottles and drinking straws to make handy crafts. You will learn how to bear with a migraine without pills, how to quickly cure bruises and wounds and how to treat minor burns. Suffer from a migraine? Place your legs in warm water and place any frozen product on your head. Watch the full tutorial. Use deodorant to stop bleeding. Aluminum chloride that most deodorants contain will help to stop bleeding. If you need to cure bruises quickly, use apple cider. Pour some apple cider on a cotton pad and apply on a bruise for several minutes. Keep your fingers safe while cooking by making the guard. Follow our instructions! You can easily make a relaxing hammock for your legs and use it in the office. You will need an old towel and 2 plastic hangers.
Here are brilliant camping lifehacks everybody should know:
– learn how to dry your shoes using stones, just boil them and put inside the shoes
– turn an empty lipstick container into a sewing kit
– learn the genius technique for achieving the perfect fold
– use a plastic bottle and foil to make a DIY thermos
– turn a plastic bottle into toilet paper dispenser
– crack eggs ahead of time and store them in a water bottle for an easy breakfast
– check out how to avoid blisters during camping
– travelers usually save their money by sewing their own protective pocket inside of shorts or pants
– use the diaper to hide valuables

Try these lifehacks and share the results in comments below and enjoy your vacations!

00:09 Medical lifehacks
01:38 Use apple cider vinegar to cure bruises
07:19 Camping ideas
09:47 DIY Thermos
10:18 Hidden pocket

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