8 Things to Know About H&M’s Conscious Collection

8 Things to Know About H&M’s Conscious Collection

Dora Fung

Market Director
March 18, 2016

It’s no secret that fashion has an impact on the environment. To help reduce that, H&M created its Conscious Fashion Collection five years ago, with the aim of creating fashionable clothing more sustainably, using a mix of organic fabrics and recycled materials.

The newest Conscious Collection will launch on April 7, and consists of 42 pieces of clothing and accessories. For the first time ever, the collection will include bridal wear— but not as you know it. The three bridal dresses each have a distinctive style. There’s a 1930s-inspired silk gown; a high-neck, long-sleeve dress reminiscent of a famous Italian fashion house; and a classically feminine gown with fitted bodice and full skirt.

As ethically and environmentally-minded consumers, it can be tough to approach fashion with a clear conscience. So we asked H&M what they’re doing to promote sustainability with this collection, and what consumers can do to help, and the answers were illuminating indeed Click ahead for eight things we learned about sustainability — and for a glimpse at the forthcoming collection.

The H&M Conscious Fashion Collection launches worldwide on April 7th in stores and online. 

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