9 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your Naked Palette

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You live for the stellar eye looks you can get with your Naked Palette, but why should your makeup game end there? Those wonderfully neutral colors are perfect for the rest of your glam look, too. Whether you’ve got the original Naked, Naked 2, or Naked 3, here’s all the non-eyeshadow makeup looks you can get using your go-to palette.

1. Use the fluffier end of the Naked Palette brush to apply under-eye concealer.

Put on your foundation like normal. Then use the fluffier blending side of your Naked Palette brush to apply concealer under your eyes. The fluffy texture of the brush will help blend your concealer smoothly and the small shape gets the product right under your eye. Just make sure you start with a clean brush!

2. Use the lighter, shimmery shades as highlighter.

Apply your foundation like normal, then use one of the shimmery colors in your palette to highlight. Go for a shadow that’s a few shades lighter than your skin tone. For light skin, use Virgin from Naked, and medium-skinned girls can try Sin from Naked. Half Baked from Naked works best with darker skin tones.

Using a mini powder brush, dust the shade down the bridge of your nose, the center of your forehead, your cupid’s bow, the center of your chin, and above your cheekbones.

3. Use the darker shades to fill in your brows.

Pick a color that’s slightly darker than your hair color and fill in your brows using the flat side of your Naked Palette brush. Using long strokes, lightly apply the shadow to your brows, moving in same the direction as your hair.

Buck from the original Naked Palette is perfect for redheads. Brunettes and darker blondes can try Tease from Naked 2, or for lighter-hair girls, go for Naked from the original Naked Palette. Play around with layering colors and application pressure. For dark hair, press harder when applying, and for light brows, just do a light dusting.

4. Use one of the pink shades as blush.

Use a pink shadow to dust the apples of your cheek and blend backward until it looks natural. In general, Naked 3 has tons of pink shades that are perfect for blush. Light and medium-skinned girls, try Limit from Naked 3. If you have fairer skin, you might only need a light dusting, whereas medium skin tones may need a few layers of Limit. For darker skin tones, use Nooner from Naked 3.

5. Use the neutral shades to contour.

Grab a fan brush and using its flat side, apply color from your tragus (the little nub at the center of your ear) to the corner of your mouth, and blend very well. Trade your fan brush for a large pointed round brush and apply the same color from temple to temple, then blend, blend, blend into your hairline. Very lightly add some color under your entire jawline, then blend it down onto your neck to create a shadow.

For the best look, try a shadow that’s a couple shades darker than your skin tone. For lighter skin, use Naked from the original Naked Palette, medium-skinned girls can try a mixture of Buck and Naked both from the original Naked. Buck from Naked will work best for girls with dark skin.

6. Add a few drops of water to turn one of the darker shadows into eyeliner.

Put a few drops of water on the Blackout section of your Naked 2. Then apply it to the upper lash line using a small angled brush. For a more subtle daytime liner, use a dark brown shade, like Darkhorse from the original Naked Palette.

7. Dab one of the nude shades on the center of your lips to make them look plumper.

Use a natural lip liner that matches the outside of your lip to completely fill them in. Then dab on a color from your palette that is a few shades lighter than your skin tone. For darker skin, dab a lighter color from your palette, like Trick from Naked 3. Girls with light skin, try Chopper from Naked 2, and girls with medium skin, use Dust from Naked 3. Apply it to the center of both your upper and lower lips for a highlighted effect.

8. Use the golden shades as bronzer.

Grab a fluffy bronzer brush and apply a brownish color that’s a couple shades darker than your skin tone. Matte shades work the best for face makeup, so try Naked from the original Naked Palette if you have fair skin. Buck from the original Naked Palette works best for medium and darker skin tones. If you have a medium skin tone, apply Buck very lightly, and for darker skin, try a heavier application. You can also mix the two for the perfect sun-kissed look.

Starting at your tragus (the little nub at the center of your ear), move the color just below your cheekbone until your brush is parallel to the eye. Then, apply color to both your temples and blend into your hairline.

9. Mix lip balm with one of the shadows to create a pretty lip color.

Cover your lips in your fave clear balm (we recommend Baby Lips by Maybelline). Then rub any color from your palette over the balm, using a small blending brush. Finish by blending it together with your finger.

To get a ’90s-inspired brown lip, use Naked from the original Naked Palette. To get the same look on medium skin, use Nooner from Naked 3, and for dark skin, use Toasted from Naked.

Makeup: Joseph Carrillo, Tara Pagliara; Hair: Rubi Jones; Jewelry: Stella & Dot; Clothes: T.J. Maxx

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