A Dumpster Doesn’t Have To Be Full Of Trash, This One Is Full Of Dreams.

The extremely humble beginnings of the wishing well.

Can’t have a wishing well without a frame.

Hm… looks like they might need more bricks than that.

There they go.

This wishing well is starting to look pretty solid.

And mystical.

Now we’re talking.

The dumpster that will soon be home to a wishing well and garden.

The artist behind all of it.

You heard the sign, now scram, garbage men.

It’s all coming together.

Almost there.

Wow. Look at that!

The plants really add so much beauty to the installation. This looks absolutely amazing.

Just in case anyone was doubting how legit this incredible installation is.

People throwing their wishes into the well.

Even at night.

You can’t wish for a better dumpster-located installation than that.


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