A Paraplegic Dog Found In Bad Shape On A Beach In Thailand Was Given A Chance

He had lost use of both hind legs following a motorcycle accident, but his current owners did nothing to ease his condition.

But one look at this sweet face and Meagan knew she needed to take action.

So she decided to take him back with her to Canada.

While Meagan returned to Canada to prepare for her new buddy’s arrival, he stayed in vet’s care and got healthy enough for travel.

Two months later, he was ready to make his way to Canada!

Finally, reunited with Meagan after a long journey.

Now in a happy, loving home, Leo is receiving the care he so desperately needs and deserves.

She is relying on contributions from those touched by his story to help with his many medical issues.

Luckily, the little guy has received an incredible outpouring of support.

The money also helped the cutie finally walk again.


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