Amazing But TERRIFYING Facts About Black Holes!

Check out these Amazing But TERRIFYING Facts About Black Holes! From stars getting turned into black matter to mysterious discoveries from einstein and hawkins, check out this top 10 list of amazing facts about the universe!

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9. How are they formed?
A black hole is a place where gravity is so strong that not even light can escape. So how does this happen? It’s all caused by dying stars. When smaller stars begin to burn out and die over billions of years, they become dense, neutron stars.
When a star at least about 3 times larger than our sun dies, it creates a supernova explosion and if it is big enough, it will collapse in on itself from the force of gravity.

8. How big are black holes?
Black holes come in many sizes. Can you believe the smallest ones can be the size of an atom?? Even though that may be tiny, it has the mass of a large mountain!! Scientists believe that there are mini black holes all around the universe, and possibly even on Earth. Why don’t we feel them? Well, they’re so small, and their gravity is so unimpactful that we just don’t feel them.

7. Spaghettification
What the heck is spaghettification?? It is a scientific term, I promise. Scientists can have fun too!! Also known as the “noodle effect”, it is when things are stretched into long thin shapes, like spaghetti, because of very strong gravitational forces.

6. Black Holes Can Create Stars
While you might think that black holes destroy everything, that’s not entirely true. When gigantic black holes form from a supernova, so much material explodes off far into space that they can create entire new stars!! An article was published in the journal Nature that said that supermassive black holes not only create new stars, but also control how many stars a galaxy gets!!

5. Black Holes produce a lot of energy!
How is that possible? It has to do with the event horizon of the black hole. The closer things get to that event horizon, the faster things move as the gravitational force gets stronger. As all the material gathers around the event horizon and starts orbiting around, it gets faster and faster. Because of the speed it heats up, and it gets REALLY hot, like billions of degrees Fahrenheit hot.

4. How many black holes are there?
As you now know, there are many different sized black holes in the universe, including some that are too tiny to see. But even if we just talked about the ones we could see, there are actually too many too count.
Just within our Milky Way Galaxy, there are believed to be about 100 million black holes of the “stellar mass” variety.

3. Do black holes consume everything?
Contrary to popular belief, black holes don’t go around the life force out of stars and eating everything in sight. While you might think that nothing escapes black holes, that’s not necessarily the case. Light doesn’t escape black holes. Surprisingly, there are cases of black holes “spitting out” certain objects into the universe.

2. How strong is a black hole?
Now that you know that black holes can’t consume everything in sight, and aren’t cosmic vacuums, just how strong is a black hole? It’s gravity doesn’t reach out infinitely.
They are confined by a very basic law: the strength of gravity depends on its mass. For example, take the Earth.

1. What is at the center?
When I was telling you about spaghettification, I mentioned that hypothetically, if you passed the event horizon, gravity would be so strong that you would be stretched out violently by the gravity field into a one-molecule wide string. But you would think that in theory, those molecules would get pulled into the center of the black hole. But what does that mean?? Einstein believed that that was the end. After that, everything was over.

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    The eliptical galaxy A2261-BCG does not have a black hole at its center despite being one of the largest galaxies. Though that specifically has been the only galaxies without a black hole we have observed so far.

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    Gravity always takes over by the amount of spin. Even a nuclear explosion. Mostly depends on size.

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