An Artist Used 3D Printing To Create These Impossibly Tiny Nano Sculptures

Hurwitz decided he was going to use 3D printing to create what he calls “nano sculptures.”

The first step in the process was creating a 3D digital image of a model. To do this, Hurwitz and his team used around 250 digital cameras.

They completed the design and sent it out. Later, they received a small box containing seven figurines that were invisible to the naked eye.

In order to see these sculptures in full detail, they had to use special electron microscopes. Without these microscopes, the nano sculptures are impossible to see.

Unfortunately, the nano sculptures were accidentally destroyed by one of Hurwitz’s colleagues when handled the box containing the sculptures.

All that he has left of his nano sculptures are these pictures, but Jonty Hurwitz is proud of what he and his team achieved.


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