An Engineer Used His Expensive Education And Cheetos To Achieve His Dream

It all started with his innocent photo of a Sasquatch “sculpture.”

It quickly went viral. He since created an elaborate mini studio to take better photos for his work. He also works 30 minutes extra every day to take Fridays off so he can “shoot” new photos!

He recently created dozens of new photos of his work.

1.) Football!

2.) Nothing to see here but a Pope kissing a baby.

3.) This monkey is throwing things around in a festive manner.

4.) The snowboarding move of our dreams.

5.) What’s with all the violence?

6.) Ah, Mark Twain!

7.) What’s the world record for bull riding?

8.) Honest Abe’s wife is angry for some reason.

9.) Seahorses are no fun.

10.) “Yes, son. You cry it out like a good boy.”

11.) This fetus is growing up so quickly.

12.) Thanks for the sermon, Pope Francis.

13.) This mother is in serious trouble with her wailing baby.

14.) Monkey high-five!

15.) And some say evolution isn’t real.

16.) Ready, aim, shoot!

17.) We’ve heard prostate exams are necessary, but this is ridiculous.

18.) Nice to see a sculpture for Breast Cancer Awareness month.


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