Are Women Ready to Give Up Skinny Jeans? We Asked, You Answered

Skinny jeans. Photo: Getty

Skinny jeans have been a topic of hot debate recently — and not just because they could land you in the hospital

Instead, the issue is over whether their seemingly unending reign over the wardrobes of America is now causing clothing companies to lose business. 

In an earnings call earlier this month, Urban Outfitters CEO Richard Haynes spelled the theory out thusly:

“The last major fashion shift was 10 years ago when the skinny bottom returned to popularity. Since then we’ve had all varieties of skinny: low-rise, high-rise, color, black, white, and print. Washed, sanded, sliced, and destroyed. Yoga and active, leggings, jeggings, and stretch.”

He continued, “Today, the customer has a closet full of various skinny bottoms and she has many many long tops and sweaters to go over them. Without a fashion need to drive her purchases, the customer can easily defer her apparel spend.” 

It’s clear that Urban is ready for the skinny jean to go away for good — or at least a long while. But what about the women who wear them? Do they also agree that the skinny has overstayed its welcome?

We were curious — so Yahoo Style conducted a random poll of 70 women to find out where their denim allegiances really lie. 

More skinny jeans. Photo: Getty

Of the 70, only one did not own a single pair of jeans. Of the remaining 69 denim-wearers, all but two said they own at least one pair of skinny jeans. Nearly half of the women surveyed copped to owning between three and six pairs of skinny jeans. 

We also asked which newer styles they were most excited about. The most common response was cropped jeans, followed raw hems (like that street style-bait pair by Vetements), and in last place, the what’s-old-is-new style that’s been pushed on the general female public harder than a side of fries at McDonalds for the past year or so — flares. 

But the real question, of course, was: Are the execs at Urban Outfitters wrong? Are skinny jeans over? In short, no. Not even close. 

Just eight of our respondents, one of whom was the woman who neither wears nor owns any jeans, said that skinnies are on the outs — meaning that a full 88 percent feel that skin-tight denim is still going strong. 

So the people have spoken — and what they’ve said in so many words is, “Our skinny jeans ain’t goin’ nowhere!” It looks as though Mr. Haynes and his fellow fashion execs who’ve been waiting for the trend tide to turn against skinny jeans will have to keep doing just that. Here’s hoping they’ve got some good reads and WiFi to keep them occupied in the interim. 

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