Balmain Was As Celeb-Packed As Ever

(Photo: Getty Images) 

When a fashion show starts 40 minutes late, it’s for one of two reasons: The designer’s having a last-minute meltdown … or someone super famous is taking his or her sweet time getting to the front row. Enter Kanye West — in ripped jeans, a face-shielding hoodie, and an ivory bomber jacket embroidered with pearls. He didn’t look up for the photographers calling his name. But he did pay rapt attention to the clothes: lots of baroque, cross-stitched, regally plush outfits that really rich girls will wear to really exclusive nightclubs. (The kind with secret sanctums in the basement.)

But while the catwalk was typical Balmain opulence (with sex appeal bursting from its seams), it was the hair that really changed the game: Opener Kendall Jenner swapped color with bestie Gigi Hadid; Kendall was platinum blonde with roots; Gigi was newly brunette. So were typically flaxen beauties Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Lily Donaldson, because change is good.

Will blonde Kendall have more fun? Will brunette Gigi start twinning with her raven-haired sister, Bella? Will we ever find something else to talk about? Stay tuned to our Snapchat tonight, when we roll up to the Balmain afterparty, and all will (maybe) be revealed.

Until then: Anyone know a good colorist?

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