BYU’s Hip Hop Performance With Mascot Cosmo Goes Viral | Viral Video | Viral Mojo

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The BYU Cougars football team is incomplete without mascot Cosmo and yes, his amazing dance moves

BYU Cougars is the college football program representing the Brigham Young University, Utah

Cosmo recently got nationwide attention, after his thunderous performance during a game against Boise State on October 6

Needless to say, Cosmo the Cougar stole the show with his incredible hip-hop dance moves

But, the football fans were disappointed with the fact that the human inside the costume is maintaining anonymity

The mystery man is learnt to be a senior at the university and has no formal dance training

He picks up the moves here and there, and is a longtime supporter of the Cougarettes

The team shared the dance video on Facebook, which garnered over 1 million views in 3 days

The clip was featured in the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Washington Post, USA Today, CBS and Sporting Nation as well



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