Carrie Bradshaw’s Hairstyles, Ranked from Least Best to Best

Sex and the City is my favorite TV show. I’m not sure what that says about me, nor do I really care. It’s a show that brings me joy, and I can watch the series over and over and over again without tiring of it. 

Because I have the entire series on DVD, every episode has gotten plenty of play, and I’ve built up an encyclopedic knowledge of the show. For nearly every situation in my life, there’s a corresponding "Remember that time on SATC when…" And probably a perfect gif, too.

My mood on any given day.

Whenever I catch a random episode of SATC on TV, it’s generally easy for me to tell right away which season it’s from, and not only because I’ve seen every episode maybe 40 times. Rather, Carrie’s hair is different and distinct in each season. Charlotte and Samantha’s hair stay basically the same the entire series. Miranda’s red hair grows gradually less… severe as the show goes on.

But throughout all six seasons, Carrie reps some very different looks, and I’m here to rank them, based purely and entirely on personal bias and preference. Feel free to fight me in the comments! 

Carrie’s Long, Flat-Ironed Hair (Season 2)

This scene is very me though. 

Carrie always looks beautiful — let’s just get that out of the way. Nothing looks particularly bad on her, but the super-long, flat-ironed-to-death hair and weird, wispy side bang just isn’t very Carrie. Carrie is at her best when curly. Plus, as a curly haired girl myself, I’m more than a little biased. 

Carrie’s Flapper-esque Curls (Season 5)

Season Five was a sort of strange and sad season for the show, and Carrie’s hair was just… not right. It’s the season where Carrie spends the most time alone (and wonders whether a certain French-fry-themed column might cost her her newspaper job), and because of SJP’s real-life pregnancy, the season itself was rushed and truncated. 

The eye makeup in this ep was real intense, too. 

I love a good short, curly ‘do, but this one’s just too coifed, too on-the-nose for the woman who spent literally half of an episode popping a zit in the bathroom of an Amtrak. 

Carrie’s Polished, Choppy Bob (Season 4)

"I'm your candy striper!" Oh, Carrie. 

As the seasons progress, Carrie’s wardrobe gradually grew more refined and editorial-looking. There were less crop tops and jorts, and more gowns and glamour. I love all the clothes from the entire show, but when Carrie’s hair gets too polished-looking, it throws me off. This bob/lob was very cute, but not my fav. 

Though season four did give us "I’m drunk at Vogue!" And for that, I am eternally thankful. 

Carrie’s Long, Perfect Curls (Season 3)

Just LOOK at this hair. God, it’s so perfect. 

The most enviable relationship of the show: Carrie and her Manolos. 

Season three is such a wild ride. It kicks off with Carrie dating a politician who harbors a secret golden-shower desire and ends with one of my favorite moments of the show: Don’t worry, they have a very lovely life

Carrie’s Big, Huge Frizzy Curls (Season 1)

Fun fact: The SATC opening credits theme music, in .midi form, was my first ever cell phone ring tone on my Nokia in 2008.

I’ve been adamant about my passion for big, frizzy curly hair for a while now, and my opinion hasn’t changed. For a curly girl like myself growing up in a sea of flat-ironed basics, seeing Carrie’s untamed curls was seriously inspiring to my teenage self and honestly still is. 

While it isn’t the most "chic" look, Carrie’s signature season-one curls will always hold a special place in my wild, unstyled heart. 

Carrie’s Long, Messy Waves (Season 2)

Who among us hasn't drunkenly quoted this after getting dumped by yet another stupid dude? 

Season two is so fun. Carrie dates the new Yankee, Charlotte chills with a bunch of cool lesbians for a while, Samantha throws a melon through a window, and Miranda has a lazy ovary. Oh, and there’s a Donald Trump cameo in case you forgot he’s always definitely been a very serious politician and not just a wealthy, attention-needy megalomaniac. 

The season ends with one of the series’ most iconic moments, as Carrie tells Mr. Big, "Your girl is lovely, Hubbell." And he doesn’t get it. They never do, do they? 

Carrie’s hair throughout this season is perfection. It’s messy, tangled, and just like Carrie, Miley and myself, it can’t be tamed. 

Carrie’s Paris Hair (Season 6)

Season xix is a doozy — both parts one AND two. First, we deal with the Berger whirlwind. (Kara and I love to text each other about SATC and pretty much once a week, one of us says, "A scu-runchie?!") After he Post-its himself into oblivion, we meet The Russian and before you know it, Carrie’s jetting off to Paris, where she assumes she’ll have a terribly romantic time but instead she just has a straight-up terrible time. 

Imagine me whispering this to my bowl of Kraft mac-n-cheese.

Before the series meets its own deus ex-boyfriend machina with Mr. Big, her Paris looks are potentially the best of the entire series. Season six has ballgowns, formal gloves, and the return of her signature tulle skirt. In Paris, Carrie kills it, and her hair’s on poin,t too. The curls are big, the layers frame her face perfectly, the color is rich, and everything just works. It’s a gorgeous look, and a fitting end to this visual feast of a television show. I miss it.

The original squad goals, am I right?
  • Do you love SATC as much as I do? (Which is clearly a LOT.)
  • What’s your favorite look from the show?
  • Are you a Carrie, a Miranda, a Samantha, or a Charlotte? YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE ONE, THIS IS AMERICA.

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