CRAZIEST Facts About The MAKO Shark!

Check out the CRAZIEST Facts About The MAKO Shark! From being the fastest shark in the world to the smartest fish ever, this top 10 list of amazing facts about this shark species will surprise you!

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9.World’s Fastest Shark
In the ocean, being able to catch your prey and eat it is crucial to survival, and it is hard and competitive out there!! You not only need strength, you need speed, and when it comes to sharks, none of them can compare to the speed of a shortfin Mako shark.

8. The Mako and the Tuna
Sharks and tuna diverged from a common ancestor 400 million years ago so you could say that by now they are not closely related at all. But! Sharks love to eat tuna!! And in more recent years, sharks who hunt tuna, like the Mako, have started to develop similar physical traits.

7. The Mako and the Maori
The Maori People arrived in New Zealand around 1300 CE from Polynesia. (Common Era).
Their love and respect for the Mako Shark goes far beyond what you might think. To the Maori people, the Mako Sharks are actually “guardian spirits” in their lore, and they have a great significance to their culture.

6. They Are Very Smart
Many fish have been said to have small brains, but when it comes to the Mako Shark, they are the exact opposite. In fact, when comparing brain size to body mass, they actually have the biggest brain of all the sharks in the world. With their large brains, they’re able to think and react very quickly, as well as adapt to new situations, which is one of the reasons they evolved into the torpedo-like shape they have now.

5. Air Mako
If you’ve seen shark documentaries you know that sharks can jump ridiculously high out of the water! Air Jaws on the Discovery channel shows great whites jumping out of the water to grab prey then slam down in order to stun them, thus making them easier to kill and eat. When it comes to the Mako Shark though, they take this to a whole new level.

4. It Lives All Over The World
For ocean creatures, one of the biggest things that can affect where they live is the temperature, this holds true as well for the Mako Shark. However, the Mako Shark has adapted to also live in warm waters, which means it can pretty much live anywhere in the world outside of the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans.

3. They Can Travel Great Distances
While Mako Sharks are defined as social creatures, largely due to their enhanced intelligence, they are also very solitary creatures at times. Which leads them to travel the world as it were. Thanks to their great speeds, they can actually travel large distances in a very short amount of time. On average, they can travel around 34 miles per day in total distance, and they’ve also known to do 60 miles a day as well.

2. They Live A Long Time
If you were to guess, what do you think the lifespan of a Mako Shark is? Of course not counting accidental deaths, natural causes only! Go ahead, guess…. The answer is… about 28 years old, although some have been recorded to live to 35.

1. Only Attacked Humans Nine Times
When a person hears the word “Shark”, you might immediately think JAWS! Get out of the water!! But this perception is hopefully changing as people get more educated about sharks. Shark attacks depend on shark species as much as the location. For the Mako Shark while it may look scary with all those teeth, it is important to note that they actually don’t attack humans all that often.

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  1. K. Capson October 13, 2018 at 4:01 am

    30 feet is about 2 stories. 3 stories would be adding an additional 13-15 feet to their jump. Not to diminish how bad ass a 2 story jump out of water is.

  2. Denise Frickey October 13, 2018 at 4:01 am

    There are no warm blooded sharks-they can thermo-regulate, altering their body temperature as needed, but do not require, or maintain, the narrow range of warm body temperature of true warm bloods. For example, humans require a body temperature roughly between 97-99 degrees Fahrenheit, a range of just 2 degrees, at all times. No fish has this requirement.

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  10. Mitchell Skene October 13, 2018 at 4:01 am

    Would be cool to hear you rattle off facts for the Greenland Shark

  11. 123bruhhh October 13, 2018 at 4:01 am

    The Mako has adapted to its surroundings…..not evolved. We don't evolve, we adapt. If we evolved from apes as scientists have tried to make us believe, then every ape would've evolved…..not just some of them. That should be common sense. Ridic!!!! Also, the Greenland shark can live anywhere from 100-500 years…..according to scientists of course. However, if they're the same scientists that believe in evolution…..I'd tend to think twice about whether Greenland sharks can live that long!!!LMFAO

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    They are very good to eat🦂

  17. Eric haskell October 13, 2018 at 4:01 am

    It didn’t adapt it’s body. Those who were faster, ate, and lived to reproduce. The slow ones starved and died. Natural selection may produce pray and those who eat them with similarities but this again is natural selection where positive traits are reproduced, negative traits die without progeny.

  18. jec1ny October 13, 2018 at 4:01 am

    Good video but couldn't you find any actual footage of Makos? Most of the sharks shown are not Mako sharks.

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    Also, hell of a great video again, OE!

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    A mako is smarter then a human ? lol Maybe some people but we are at the top of the food chain for a reason ! lol

  27. Cory Vanderbaan October 13, 2018 at 4:01 am

    Mako lives up to its name, graciously. To those who love working with sharks, rejoices galore.

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    Do you guys think the mako look quet when you give ith a sad face with no teeth

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