Did You Know? Cannabis

The “Did You Know” series was commissioned and directed by the AoD Provider Collaborative, supported by Odyssey Auckland, and by the New Zealand Drug Foundation to be used when training community, social and health workers by sharing facts about alcohol, cannabis, and volatile substances. It was created by Mohawk Media using characters created by Mōca.

“Did you know that… Cannabis is New Zealand’s most popular illegal drug, but only 3% of secondary school students say they use it on a weekly basis.
When Cannabis is smoked the active chemical THC goes into the lungs, is absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to the brain. The effects start within minutes and can last for half an hour or more. Cannabis is taken to the brain in a different way when eaten. This means it can be harder to know how strong the effects will be, and the effects can last for longer, which can be an unpleasant experience. Cannabis is a depressant and can be physically and psychologically addictive.
Cannabis affects different people in different ways. Some people feel relaxed, like listening to Bob Marley and get the munchies. Others can feel paranoid, depressed and confused, with a higher risk of triggering mental illness and seeing, hearing or feeling things that aren’t there.
Smoking a lot of Cannabis can affect your health, make it harder to concentrate, learn, play sports or find work.
So, remember to
Stop if you start to feel unwell or uncomfortable
Don’t smoke and drive
Always look out for your mates”


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