Did You Know – Episode #4 | World's Most Expensive Mobile Number sold in Auction Worth $2.7 Million

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Did You Know – Episode 4
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In this video there are 24 Facts about Science and Technology.

In this ‘Did You Know Series’ you will get and know science and technology related information and interesting facts.
I hope you friends will enjoy this episode and the ‘Did You Know’ Series.

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Have a quick look what i discussed with you in this episode – Summary :

24. Humans have 1 heart, 1 brain and red blood but do you know octopus has 3 heart, ……
23. Photons take 40000 to 100000 year to reach….
22. Full form of Yahoo which is a web search engine.
21. If you have 1 million or more Twitter followers then you are a…
20. If you dig a tunnel from one side of earth to other (opposite) side and then if you jump from one side then it will….
19. About internet users who watch online video contents.
18. Computing powers of smartphones of nowdays’ era is very advanced.
17. Leonardo da Vinci was the first person who explained why sky appears in blue in day time.
16. Small living organisms’ numbers.
15. Till 1993 on internet there were only…..
14. Heart beat of person in one day.
13. Storage capacity of humans’ brain is very large even Wikipedia website…..
12. First hard drive which can store upto 1GB data was priced…….
11. Amount of Iron mineral present in our body….
10. If you find a bug or hack Facebook website then Facebook will give prize of…
9. Diamonds’ rain on Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn in space.
8. Invention of pop-up advertisement and after that….
7. Distance covered by an active person throughout his/her lifetime by walking is 110000 miles which is….
6. Full name of ‘CAPTCHA’ ,which is a computer program or software blocking spammers and bots.
5. Google’s first name before the search engine got this name Google.
4. Name of infinity symbol (mathematical symbol)
3. Businesses of Nokia when it was founded.
2. Most expensive mobile number in the world sold for …. and on 2nd place…..
1. Why astronauts wear white spacesuits when they go in space?


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