Did You Know That There’s A Natural Painkiller Growing In Your Yard!?

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Did You Know That There’s A Natural Painkiller Growing In Your Yard!?

The wild lettuce may look similar to you like the dandelion and thistle. It has been used worldwide as a sedative, sleep enhancer, painkiller, edible oil, and natural remedy. It was also being used as a replacement for opium in the 1800s and it was known as ‘poor man’s opium’. So since then, the water distilled from the wild lettuce is still used like a mild sedative.
The wild lettuce consists of pain-relieving opiates which are located in the resinous milky sap. When it is collected and dried, it is known like lactucarium and it consists of active compounds known aslactucin, lactupicrin and lactucopicrin. The analgesic characteristics of these compounds are very similar or maybe even better that those of the ibuprofen.

A group of Iranian scientists discovered that opium lettuce is a sedative and pain reliever long before the Victorian age, which means that it has been used for a very long period of time. In the paper Lettuce, lactuca sp. as a Medicinal Plant in Polish Publications of the 19th Century, it was reported that the action of the compound is weaker than that of opium, but has no side-effects. Medical practice has also shown that sometimes lactucarium had better healing impacts than opium. Although opium lettuce doesn’t contain opium, it has similar properties – it can relieve pain, treat cough and reduce the signs of whooping cough.

Uses of opium lettuce

Opium lettuce acts as mild sedative and effectively treats anxiety symptoms. A lot of people around the world have used it and claim that it reduced the frequency and the severity of their asthma attacks.

Wild lettuce has also been used as natural remedy for insomnia and sleep enhancer.

Stress and pain
Its opiate-like properties are responsible for its ability to reduce pain, which makes it great for treating a lot of different types of stress and pain.

Wild lettuce is also believed to reduce the frequency and severity of migraine attacks.

Moderate euphoric
This is also a result of its opiate-like properties that cause a feeling of mild ecstasy. But, it is safer than opiates and has no negative side effects.

How to use it

You just need to break the leaf or the stem from it in order to release the milky sap, which can be made into an alcohol tincture. Another way is to dry the leaves and make a tea, in which case usually 1.5 grams of opium lettuce is infused in the tea. If you want even more powerful variant, you can smoke it in a pipeline.
NOTE: High intake of wild lettuce may cause anxiety, nausea and dizziness.

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