Don’t Adjust Your Eyes. What This Artist Drew Completely Blew My Mind

When creating his work, Ben’s only tool is a black 0.05 Staedtler pigment liner pen.

The work is “hand made,” refiling the pen SEVERAL times before completion.

Ben likes to incorporate several types of architecture into his drawings, and draws inspiration from real places.

Speaking on his take on Western antiquity: “Its this sort of image that I think most people, if not all of society have of western antiquity; stainless marble facades, long triumphal avenues, monuments to glory.”

“In actuality, the cities of the past were far from idealistic by todays standards.”

“Yes there was marble, lots of marble, and monuments galore, however these urban centers were huddled together and unless you were considerably wealthy, life in dreamy antiquity was often a heroic struggle.”

“Though the societies of antiquity were bloody, dirty, and corrupt, the idea of antiquity has come to represent some resounding ideals in present society; democracy, justice, law and order, balance, symmetry.”

“These ideals are now the foundation stones of our own civilization, a civilization that some distant future will perhaps honor as antiquity.”

After hearing that, and understanding that he just finished his round-the-world trip studying this very subject…

…we’re apt to trust his judgment.

Especially when the result is THIS amazing.


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