Don’t Buy It, DIY It: Artful Air Plant Holders

Don’t Buy It, DIY It: Artful Air Plant Holders

February 12, 2016

They’re sculptural, they’re edgy, and most importantly, air plants are easy —whether you have a natural green thumb or not. Which is why they’ve become so rightfully popular. 

Since you’ll be spending so little time caring for your teeny greenery (seriously, a misting of water two to three times per week is all they need), that gives you all the more minutes to commit to making your plant a one-of-a-kind holder.

An oddball-yet-awesome trait of air plants is that they don’t require soil, which opens up a ton of possibilities for displaying them. You can wire them to a base, tuck them into just about anything, even glue them in place. 

So take a look at 10 pretty projects we adore — none of which require much money or time to create — and try your hand at making your own air plant holder. We’re betting that you’ll find most of these tutorials practically effortless … just like your plant.

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