Eating Healthy

Eating to stay healthy


Consuming the right diet goes a long way in enhancing your health. As a matter of fact, a healthy diet prevents most killer diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. However, a healthy diet does not necessarily mean that you deprive yourself of what you love. It is more about consuming the right amount of calories. So, do you know how to eat to stay healthy? If you don’t you are at the right place.

Healthy eating tips

The starting point is usually the most difficult part of a journey. The same case applies to switching to a healthier diet. However, once you have experienced how it feels to eat healthy, you will certainly be happy with yourself. Here is an overview of some healthy eating tips.

  • Moderation

Moderation is definitely one of the pillars of healthy eating. Moderation is all about eating to get satisfied instead of feeling stuffed. That said, ensure you only take as much as your body requires. In addition, moderation entails consuming a balanced diet. Moderation does not mean that you quit all the foods you love. Instead, you should consider taking smaller portions and concentrating on healthier foods. The secret to achieving moderation is eating small amounts but often.

  • Reduce sugar intake

Considering most of the foods contain additional sugar, you might consider consuming more plant based foods. Apart from being the major cause of diabetes, too much sugar can also cause other detrimental effects in your body such as kidney failure.

  • Consume more fruits and vegetables

Plant based foods are more nutritious compared to animal based foods. In addition, the human body has a capacity to digest plant nutrients better than animal nutrients. Therefore, include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. After all, the more natural a food is the more nutritious it is.

  • Drink enough water

Water is a vital aspect in the functionality of your body. It keeps the body dehydrated thus enabling the body to maintain optimal metabolism. However, be sure to take one gallon of water a day or you risk diluting the electrolytes in your body.


Eating healthy is not only a determinant of your productivity but also your happiness. A healthy diet enhances your mental health which translates to leading a happier life. More to that, it prolongs your lifetime since you will lead a disease free life. If you were wondering how to plan that healthy diet, be sure to follow the healthy eating tips and thank me later!


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