Efficient Living: Tiny Houses Prove Living Well Doesn’t Require A Huge House.

Here’s an example of one of these “tiny houses.” As you can see, it appears to have all the qualities of a bigger house, but in a miniature and a more compact size.

In order to have these houses as compact as they are, while maintaining the necessities for reasonable comfort, certain inventive and clever additions have to be made. Here, you can see that the bed in this house is on a rolling track that allows it to bed stowed away when it isn’t being used.

Not only is this house spatially efficient, but it is also very efficient in the uses of energy and resources. Two environmentally friendly modifications on this tiny house are it’s use of solar energy, and it’s use of rain water as a water-source.

More efficient housing means less costly housing – and this has inspired some to use this type of housing to help the homeless get a new start in homes of their own. Below is a group of houses built for the homeless in Ithaca, New York.


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