Everything You Need to Know About Charlotte Tilbury’s New Celebrity-Packed Lipstick Collection

Kim Kardashian’s shade, Kim K.W. (Photo: Yahoo Beauty/Charlotte Tilbury)

When news broke last week of Kim Kardashian’s first lipstick, the Internet went bananas. If there were a beauty-news version of someone yelling “fire!” in a movie theater, that’s what it would have looked like. But as more details came along, things started to clear up a bit. The lipstick isn’t designed by Kim, and she’s not starting her own makeup company — rather, it’s part of new Hot Lips collection of 12 lipsticks from makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, each formulated to represent a celebrity who works with the beauty legend. 

Here’s the thing, though: What’s actually going on is a whole lot cooler than what people thought originally. While working with celebrities over the years, Tilbury says, she would regularly create shades of lipsticks that flattered their skin and reflected their personalities. Eventually, she says, “I realized that I was in this amazing situation where I was mixing these bespoke colors, and I was like, I have to give these to the world!” So she asked the women she worked with if she could sell their custom shades (or, as she put it, “Can I steal some of your DNA and give it to everyone else out there?”). The actresses, singers, and models gave her their blessing, and now here we are. Finally, the chance to match your favorite celebrity.

The collection won’t be available until July, but you can start planning which shades to snap up now. (If you just can’t wait, there are four shades — for Penélope Cruz, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, and Victoria Beckham, shown at the bottom, below — that are already available as part of previous collections.)

Kim’s “Kim K.W.” isn’t the only nude shade of the bunch — “Super Cindy,” for Cindy Crawford, is a ’90s taupe that’s flattering for all shades. Liv Tyler’s “Liv It Up” is a ballet pink, not quite nude but not quite colorful either. If you like your pinks bright, try “Miranda May”: Miranda Kerr’s shade is a “fresh, pinky coral inspired by the sunsets of Malibu and Bondi Beach” — perfect for the Australian beauty. Emily Ratajkowski, whom Charlotte called “probably the sexiest woman on the planet right now,” has a ’70s-inspired coral for “cool, confident ‘Charlie’s Angels’ sexiness.”

On the red side of things, there’s “Electric Poppy,” named for Poppy Delevingne. It’s not actually poppy but more of a cherry red that adds a quick slash of color to any look. Chinese actress Carina Lau gets a bright, siren red, which Tilbury says is to symbolize good fortune and joy. Looking for something a little further outside the box? That’s what Helena Bonham-Carter is here for, of course. “Hel’s Bells” is a deep, mulberry wine that’s as bewitching as it is beautiful.

Textures vary too. Some (including Electric Poppy) are matte, while others (including Kim K.W.) are dewier. Your options are varied, but know this as well: Tilbury has teamed up with Women for Women International, a British charity that helps female survivors of war turn around their lives. If you purchase a lipstick in July or August, $2 from each sale will go toward supporting the charity. 

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