For Sale: A Flower Crown For Your Dog

Lana del Dogs. Photos: Free People

Every so often, my daily ritual of obsessively stalking the new offerings on Free People actually pays off. And today, my friends, was pay day. 

Enter, the Puppy Flower Crown. It’s a flower crown — for your puppy! Or dog, whatever. It’s basically an elastic headband, like the kind you might wear to keep your bangs out of your face at the gym, covered in preserved dead flowers. But scrap the “basically” part, because that’s what it is. Literally. 

The $78, handmade canine accessory, which unfortunately does not ship outside the Continental U.S. — sorry, Alaska and Hawaii! — is meant to be worn by “the free spirited pup” who’s still submissive enough to wear a freaking flower crown under its chin.

It comes in two sizes, and is available in both white daisies and pink roses, depending on your pooch’s preference. And hopefully she (or he!) is more into daisies, because then you can get this matching human version for yourself and be, like, twins

Of course, there is one major problem with the Puppy Flower Crown: Dogs — or any pets, for that matter, aren’t actually allowed at Coachella, aka The Flower Crown Capital of the world. And if you can’t Instagram your dog wearing a Puppy Flower Crown at Coachella… is there even any point? 

However: One species that is allowed at Coachella — and would look utterly phenomenal in a bespoke flower crown? SERVICE MINIATURE HORSES!

Get on that, Free Peeps. We really think you could have the market cornered.  

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