Going Viral | What It Looks Like And How To Make Viral Videos Go Viral

Today Im going to be talking about the “viral” effect and show you what it looks like when a video goes viral. Now I know that this example is no where near a million views but what I want to get across is that going viral through suggested videos could help a small Youtuber grow quickly!

Take a look at my example. I gained over 30,000 views in 3 hours with no viral marketing, no video marketing, no sharing, and very common key words. How did I achieve this? I was able to get into the suggested section of another videos view stream. So using this concept will allow you to potentially make viral video after viral video, after viral video!!!

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| Video Skips |

0:25 Intro
0:55 How Much I make On Youtube
1:23 Story About My viral Video
2:55 How I Normally Get Views
3:52 When I got 1,000 Subscribers
4:45 Dramatic View Count Reveal
5:30 Ranking Keywords
6:05 Amazon Affiliate Links
6:52 Looking At My Analytics
7:20 Talking About Suggested Videos
8:40 Finding Relevant Keywords
10:58 How To See Other Youtubers Tags
12:20 Talking About Clickbait
13:00 Looking at my keyword ranked videos
14:40 Using Google Keywords
15:45 Ranking Within Suggested Video
17:00 Video SEO

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