Have fun with these GChat Easter eggs

Have fun with these GChat Easter eggs

March 11, 2016

Google’s GChat has grown in a lot of ways these past years. (It’s now called Hangouts, for one.) Among its newish features are these Easter egg reaction animations that you can call up in conversations. For example:

If you type and send things like “LMAO!!,” “WOOT!!,” or “Bahahahahahahahaha,” an emoji-like character will pop up from the bottom of your chat window and laugh, dance, etc.

Or, to change the scenery in a chat, enter “/bikeshed” as a message and your background will change to a random color.

Here’s a long list of Hangouts Easter egg phrases for you to try:

  • Bahahahahahahahaha
  • LMAO!!
  • ROFL!!”
  • Woohoo!!
  • Woot!!
  • Happy birthday
  • Happy New Year
  • /ponies
  • /pitchforks
  • /ponystreams
  • /bikeshed
  • /shydino


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